Category III – A disaster with severe impact on the MBL and/or the surrounding community.

In a Category III incident, normal operations of the MBL are threatened and may be suspended.   In such cases, the effects of the emergency may be wide-ranging and complex.

In the event of a major community or region-wide emergency, the Town of Falmouth may activate its Emergency Operations Center and may assume control of the areas affected.  State and federal authorities may also be activated to provide direction and support.  Successful response during such disaster conditions requires effective management by the MBL and extensive coordination with government and other private agencies.

During such events the Emergency Policy Group (EPG) will work closely with the IMT to ensure effective decision-making, coordination, and timely information sharing with public agencies, the University of Chicago, and other MBL stakeholders.

Examples: Civil unrest; extreme weather; mass evacuation; government-declared state of emergency; pandemic illness; acts of war or terrorism.