Category I – a relatively minor, localized department or building incident.

Category I emergencies are quickly resolved with existing department resources or with limited outside assistance.  A Category I emergency has little impact on personnel or normal operations outside of the immediate area.  Such incidents generally do not require activation of the IMT, unless the situation becomes unstable or is subject to escalation.

Management of Category I emergencies is the responsibility of the affected department with support from MBL resources (e.g. Plant Operations and Maintenance, Environmental Health & Safety.), as may be required.

Incidents that fall under this category occur frequently and, although they may be minor in impact, each represents an opportunity to evaluate trends for risk reduction and mitigation.  The IMT will periodically review the MBL experience with such situations and make recommendations for improvements to reduce future risks.

Examples: odor complaint; localized and contained chemical or oil spill; building system failure; water leak; fire alarm; limited utility outage; or individual medical emergency.